Wall art and Jewellery classes coming soon. 

Apr 4

Earring Making Workshop - Palm Springs Acrylic Earrings

Description Join us for an afternoon of creativity at Ballistic Beer Co in Springfield where you will make your own acrylic earrings to take home. During the afternoon you will be taught the knack of making 4 different styles of acrylic earrings where you will choose your own combination of colours and pattern. There are number of sizes and shapes to choose from to suit all tastes and preferences. This workshop is themed around Palm Springs with fun motifs and patterns of palm leaves, monstera

Past events

Mar 31

Watercolour and Wood - Easter Bunny House

Description Description Bring a little fun and magic back to Easter this year or start a family tradition with our whimsical Easter Bunny Houses. Come along to our DIY Easter Watercolour & Wood workshop where you will have the opportunity to paint your own easter bunny house. During the sessions you will be provided with all the materials to experiment with watercolour paints on raw timber with a laser engraved design. You will learn some watercolour techniques that can be applied to timber to c

10:00am - 12:00pm AEST

Orion Springfield Central Shopping Centre - Community Room

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